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Lift pump problems?

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My 2004.5 Dodge died on the way home. I had just accelerated up to about 70mph on the #4 setting of the Edge module and the engine died when I got off the highway. I cycled the key on and off a few times and drained the fuel filter housing. It started I drove a couple of blocks to my house replace the fuel filter and am trying to get it started. I think there is just air in the system but I am wondering why it died in the first place. Is there a place where I can bleed any air out of the system? Any help would be appreciated.
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I scanned for codes yesterday and it had a P0628 fuel pump control circuit low. It also had a P0237 turbo boost sensor A circuit low. On my drive to work the rig acted like it was going to die once and then no problems after that. I am driving with the Edge Juice w/Attitude module in the stock mode to prevent any problems till I get it figured out. Anybody have any ideas on the codes?
the system is self bleeding. With the code and what you described sounds like you need a new lift pump. Yours is probley mounted to the filter housing and you will want to get the new intake design. Or Get something like a Aftermarket FASS. A pump that is going to put out more fuel for the mods.
just a little note if you have under 100,000 and still have cummins warranty the pump is covered with a $100 dedutable
if you have the pump mounted on the fuel filter housing (plastic piece of crap), I would guarantee that's the problem.
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