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Lift pump or injector pump

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Hard. hard , hard cranking and than barely kicks over. Mpg has been fine. Just the last week or two it is taking longer and longer to start. and than just barely. What is about to fail? i have had high copper reading with the oil analysis as well, turbo?
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Another thought.
These are the originals. After running and idling all day, the truck starts fine. 1st thing this morning and when cold it really struggles before it finally kicks in. I may as well look at a lp whether it is the batteries or not I reckon. Does mine have the in tank one or is it already outside?
So, do you think new batteries will solve today's problem?

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Also check the rail pressure relief valve. It could be bleeding off pressure after shutdown. Had a bud with an '03 with the exact same symptoms. He wound up just retapping where the pressure valve was and put a plug in there. That solved his long cranking, no start except with ether problem!!!
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