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Lift Pump and Turbo?

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Well just got my truck back from a Local Diesel Performance shop here in WA. Got my VERY low fuel economy prorblem idinified. They recomend a lift pump, as the factory pump is only putting out a couple PSI currently. Was also told that my Turbo has alot of play, and is slightly discoloroed. Was suprised to here this, as truck only has 70K on it and was bone stock and babied until a couple months ago. Got recomended the Fass 150/95 Pump and a Super Bee Special for the Turbo. Just wanted to get some people's opinions on these products and there match with my truck and mods. Also I do plan on doing Injections VERY soon, if that changes much on selection now of parts. Both should still be under Dodge warrenty, but if they are bad, might as well replace them myself to get some better performance. Any info would be great.
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