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lift kits

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so whats the deal with no none that ive found has lifts foe a 2 wheel drive dodge well the 2500 and bigger they have them for the 1500 just wondering if you guyes know of anyone who makes one:confused013:
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LOL myke i was thinking about that the other day. It will deffenetly be easier to put a lift on my truck, with a locker in the rear. Instead of buying a 4x4 atleast for awhile. Would be a little easier out hunting. And you remember what happened with me trying to pull dads truck up in flag. LOL :banghead:
long travel kit by M.B. diesel
Daystar makes 1", 1.5", 2.5" coil spacers for the 2wd 2500/3500's. 2.5" would make a nice size front lift, def would need new shocks though.
some bilstien 5100 or ES9000 or whatever.. any shock a little longer then stock would be good.. 2.5" isnt that much
I think he is more looking for something around 6" of lift, atleast thats what i was thinking
2.5" spacer and 3" body lift will give you about 6". Otherwise, combining a 1500 kit with some custom springs might work. I would have to take a look to see if the 2500 knucks are the same as the 1500 knuckles.
im going to go with desert on this one.. piece and part something together to make it work.. 3" body lift with some blocks in the back and spacers up front? do what you gotta do
ill just build it myself
You can do that as well, I can give you alot of input on if you want to do a custom setup. If the knuckles are the same, you could start out with a CST 4" lift spindle, that would get you up in the air quick, then add a spacer and you would get 6" in a hurry.
Yeah that sounds like a better way to go, im not much of a body lift guy. But then again i may just lower the back of the truck so its level.
heres what i planed out i got another set of armes off of a 3500 there the same im going to take those and make a jig and im going to build a 3 over long travel kit and spindles almost like the spindle set up on a pro two race truck and set it up to use a 3.0 bypass coil over problem solved oh maby a four link for the rear to make it legit
i aint seen one so why not
i aint seen one so why not
thats what i like to hear bro.. cant wait to see it in action!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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