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Lift and sh!tty steering:(

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Ok guys I got a 9" lift in my truck at the moment. Shortly here ill be dropping it down to the 7" kit it's supposed to be. But as of this point mt steering is horrific. When I drop it down I'm going to do the 08.5+ steering upgrade, rock solid ram steering bushing, and a third gen track bar.. My question is will the third gen track bar work with my 7" lift? I gotta do something, this is horrific driving this thing on the highway
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Will the crossover steering replace all of that? I really need to do something soon
With more than about 6" of lift, crossover steering makes a big difference.

You need to explain more about your steering problems, and you need to have someone cycle the steering wheel between the 9 and 3 o'clock positions (with the engine running so that the power steering is active) while you inspect each one of the front end components for looseness or flexing.

Even though they are of a jeep, the front end is similar. Watch these two YouTube videos for reference:

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