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Leveling question

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Alright now on to the next task on my truck I have 4inch blocks in the rear should I buy 2 or 3 inch spacers in the front? And should I get taller shocks?i also want to know if any one has bought that kit to tighten up the steering with the bar that bolts acrossed the front? Just want to know if it really works and it's worth the $150. Thanks guys you've been a lot of help so far glad to be a part of this forum !!
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My truck has the stock blocks in the rear and I put a 2.5 summit racing leveling kit on and it looks good. Idk about the steering brace yet.
the biggest issue i have had with these trucks when leveling the front end is they chew thru trac bars like mad . the bd adjusable track bar cures that issue . my last truck i did 3 factory replacement bars in a year
Alright I'm going to order the 3" spacers to be safe and I think I might buy this bar for the steering my truck isn't bad but I know as soon as I mount my wheels on it it's going to get pretty bad.
That looks better than I imagined it would! Anybody else done this?
o and by the way when the track bar bolt breaks at hyway speeds you will need some new shorts just sayin
That's why I lowered the rear. The front suspension on these are poor enough stock.
Good folks here have improved theirs to handle higher placed suspensions though.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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