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Leveling kit

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I would like to level my truck but don't want to spend a lot on a spring kit. Who is running a good spacer kit with no problems or any other upgrades needed?

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I have the one from Hell Bent Steel. Easy installation and so far no problems.
i'm running a 2.5 no name i got for free, thinking its hell bent, slapped it in to do until my lift, no additional parts installed, no problems at all
Sounds good. I just want to level it for now until I buy a good kit.

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Yeah if you're gonna be doing much driving off road before you get the better kit longer shocks would be a good idea since it doesn't take alot to limit them out after the leveling kit is installed
I also have the hell bent 2" no issues. An adjustable track bar would be a good idea but not totally necessary.

03 qcsb 2500 mild 48re 4x45.9 HO
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leveled on 35s
I think the Carli 2" spring is cheaper than a spacer. Unless I am mistaken. I remember thinking oops after I was done and saw that.

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Not much off-road at all just don't like the factory stance. Did it change the ride quality much?

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Did you guys get the swaybar drop kit with the hellbent spacers?

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Just another option, on other trucks I've owned with a ton of stock rake, Ive done a spacer or a 2" lowering shackle or a combo of both. If it's a 2wd and you'd like some better aero or lower COG, a rear shackle can be a great option. I had a 4WD F150 with a 2" spacer that left the back still about 1" high. I used a shackle to get it about 1/2" lower than the front. Loved it
When it comes to coil spacers they are all the same. $50 spacer kit will work as well as a $200 spacer kit.

Longer shocks are need as well.
I bout my 2.5" on ebay for 50 bucks. passenger side was a pain using a bumper jack to get spring clearance but its in :) well spent money!
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