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leveling kit

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Ok, heres the question. I have seen kits made of steel, aluminum and urathane. Which seems to work the best, and last longest. I have also hear the statements "leveling kits look like S$%^" Dont care about that. Its my opinion, my truck, just trying to get the best parts. Thanks for your help.
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Steel is going to be the strongest. I've got a urethane kit and it is very beefy, looks great and serves it's purpose. I wouldn't go with aluminum just because there is no reason to. I doubt it's any different than the urethane kits strength or weightwise. I like mine quite a bit but I'm not jumping my truck or entering it in the baja anytime soon, if I was I might go with steel.
I have just ordered a HellBent Steel kit, when I get my new tires, I will install the kit...seems to me to be the best kit available. just my $.02
The only thing that a couple of spacers will do is raise the front of your truck a couple of inches, and help you clear bigger tires. If that's what you're looking for, buy the cheapest ones..... but if you're looking for any kind of improved ride (on or off road), buy an actual kit.
Thank you for your opinions. I am just looking to level my truck and maybe clear larger tires.
i put a HSB 2" leveling kit paid $65 that included shipping on my truck and it looks better
i also have a 2 in hell bent steal on mine
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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