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I have 2 trucks with leveling kits and both drove like a dream before i put the kits on. both are used pretty rough and when i put the level kits on i also put on bigger tires. dually with 285s and the other i put 315s on. both trucks i ended up putting new steering on from the stealership. fixed both trucks. this is the new upgraded kit late 08s and 09s come with. larger diameter linkages same joints. they say they need pitman arm to install but the dont its all the same bolt in and go. need an alignment but thats all. takes about 30 mins to replace. trust me on this one i replaced trackbars, staibilizers, shocks before steering. i put the 315s on one truck before the leveling kit and it didnt harm anything. it was when i put on the kit that the death wobble started. uncontrolable shaking yes. steering fixed them both. was 500 all new ends linkages and stabilizer. beats a 350 dollar trackbar that didnt fix the prob!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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