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Level question

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I am interested in a level kit for my new 2013 ram. I haven't do e very many lifts in the past, and I am curious how much of a difference in ride quality between doing a spacer with the 5100's, and doing a carli level kit. I know the carli comes with end links, but I could buy those with the spacers as well. Thanks. I have tried looking this up, but couldn't find a direct answer.
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I have a 13 and just installed the Hell Bent Steel Leveling lift 2.5". Leveled it out to .75" off, thats .75" shorter in front than rear. install didn't take long at all, 3 hours max as long as you have the right tools. Im no paid mechanic but i know a thing or two about working on vehicles and it was easy, i read over instructions just to verify a few things but simple simple.
So far I have not noticed any ride quality changes, but i have only put 1000 miles on the truck itself and i just installed the kit this morning.

Just FYI hope it helps
I was thinking about the leveling kit. But i move pellets by the ton and would hate the idea of it dragging its A$$ down the road like a super duty.
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