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Available for leveled and lifted applications, the Level 8 Pro line is the popular choice for off-roaders seeking both style and function from their wheels.
The Level 8 Bully Pro and Level 8 Tracker Pro come standard with Level 8 Pro Protector Rings (scratch guards) and premium zinc plated mounting
hardware. Purchase the Level 8 Pro Kit and you will receive zinc plated knurled lug nuts, hub centric rings, and get a Level 8 deflator gauge at NO additional charge!
Backed with a lifetime guarantee against workmanship and structural defect, Level 8 delivers innovative features and superior off-road protection with
the Bully Pro and Tracker Pro wheel models.

Click Here For: Level 8 Bully Pro and Tracker Pro Pricing and Availability

*Please note that our website specifies the Pro wheels by the number of lug holes; E.G. Bully Pro 5, Tracker Pro 6, etc.

  • 15-inch to 17-inch sizes in 5, 6 and 8-lug bolt patterns
  • Low offsets for lifted or leveled trucks and SUVs
  • Removable bolt on scratch guard protect wheels against off-road damage
  • Premium zinc plated scratch guard hardware included for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Durable three stage painted PRO BLACK finish
  • Designed with no center cap, because who wants to deal with center caps off-road
  • Dual valve stem to aid in inflation after a hard day off-road
  • Modified bead retention seats designed to help keep the tire on the wheel when used off-road
  • Deep drop center for quick tire changes in the field
  • TPMS compatible
  • Level 8 Pro Kit (purchase of four Level 8 Pro Wheels) includes:

    - Premium zinc plated knurled lug nuts
    - Hub centric rings
    - Level 8 deflator gauge​

  • Lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheel to be free from defects in workmanship and materials
  • 1-year warranty on finish
  • Load capacity:

    - 5-lug 2400 lbs.
    - 6-lug 2400lbs.
    - 8-lug 3640 lbs.​

  • 15x8.5 ET-26 (3.75" BS) ~19lbs
  • 16x8.5 ET-6 (4.5" BS) ~22lbs
  • 17x9 ET-12 (4.5" BS) ~24lbs

Level 8 Bully Pro 8 Kit

Level 8 Tracker Pro 8 Kit


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I really like the bully pros. Just don't like the negative offset.
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