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Couldn't find much info on level in dually 2wd. So here's what I did, got kit on eBay 2.5" with shock spacers so don't have to get new shocks. Spacers went in good bit of a pia but not bad. My truck still has Dodge shocks so the spacers were to small. No big deal I had a piece of 1/2 id black iron pipe cut 2 pieces of it at 1/2" long. Fits over the shock stud perfect. Now sway ...hummm. well I had some poly end link bushing from another project. Perfect...only had 2 so off to auto store for another pack. I put 2 on the bottom...replacing the worn out Dodge spacers, then put it through the bar and installed another on top. Gave me almost an once more length so no need to get longer end links. Win win. The kit on eBay was 50.00. and the poly end link kit was 14.99 so you would need 2 kits 30.00. stiffened the front up rides like new truck again and feel like a truck now not a nose down car.
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