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Length Limits on truck bed, flatbed, and no bed?

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We're thinking about getting a new Crew Cab 5500 Ram, and would like the longer wheel base, except we're not sure about the legal length limits. I know we don't even stay under the limits now, but just don't want those 2'-3' longer wheelbase to hurt us more yet once we get more legal with things. Recently I heard that with a flatbed you had different length limits than with a regular truck bed, and then today I read somewhere yet that those two were in the same class and that you had to have no way of carrying cargo on the truck to be under the longer length limit. Can someone clarify this, and also, what are the length limits?

We often tow doubles, one 20' trailer behind another 20' trailer is the most common, but often get longer yet too. Mostly stay in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. The doubles aren't an issue, and so far haven't had any issues with being too long either, but just want to simplify a few things for the future now already when buying a new truck.
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If it can carry freight on it, its considered a bed. Flat bed and regular pickup beds are the same. If it has not cargo carrying capabilities then its considered a tractor. Most states have a 65ft law.

Texas Transportation Code 621.205.

A combination of not more than three vehicles, may be coupled together if the combination of vehicles, other than a truck-tractor combination, is not longer than 65 feet.
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fwiw any new crew cab long bed truck and a standard 40ft trailer is going to be over 65ft. And there are tons of those combos on the road right now without problems. Not saying its not against the law. Just sayin :)
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