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Lack of power?

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Ok all I’m at my wits end with this one. I need some input.

2001 ram 3500 5.9 auto 4x4 drw hy35 turbo
3.54 gears trucks weighs about 12,350 without a trailer
Built the trans as well thinking it was losing power there.

When I bought it it was dog sh*t slow wouldn’t boost above 17 lbs. even played with tunes in the smarty jr.

Installed dpp 100hp injectors
No change. Just Smokey now.

Wired wastegate shut. Gets to 18lbs a lot faster.

Bought a used hx35. Wastegate wouldn’t fit it was off a medium duty application. So I removed it and wired it shut. Boosts 27lbs now.

I feel like it should be boosting a lot more than that. Also it’s hazy at idle and under light load.

Is it possible the pump timing is locked or something? What should I be checking for?

I should also mention the egt don’t really go above 1200 under wot but when I am rollin down the freeway and make it down shift it’ll start clouding even under full boost. 🤷‍♂️ any input is appreciated.
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my stock hx35 could put out 30psi with only a box tuner and no wire tap, the edge box i had only changes the timing so i don’t think it could be locked. are they sac or vco injectors? i heard sac nozzles will always have some type of haze

as for power, could just be these old vp trucks, takes a lot more to make ‘em fast than it is with common rail
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