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Lack of power?

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Ok all I’m at my wits end with this one. I need some input.

2001 ram 3500 5.9 auto 4x4 drw hy35 turbo
3.54 gears trucks weighs about 12,350 without a trailer
Built the trans as well thinking it was losing power there.

When I bought it it was dog sh*t slow wouldn’t boost above 17 lbs. even played with tunes in the smarty jr.

Installed dpp 100hp injectors
No change. Just Smokey now.

Wired wastegate shut. Gets to 18lbs a lot faster.

Bought a used hx35. Wastegate wouldn’t fit it was off a medium duty application. So I removed it and wired it shut. Boosts 27lbs now.

I feel like it should be boosting a lot more than that. Also it’s hazy at idle and under light load.

Is it possible the pump timing is locked or something? What should I be checking for?

I should also mention the egt don’t really go above 1200 under wot but when I am rollin down the freeway and make it down shift it’ll start clouding even under full boost. 🤷‍♂️ any input is appreciated.
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OK, so disregarding the smoke issue how can I get a little more boost out of it? I would like to see 35 to 40 pounds. I would like to get a little better fuel mileage if possible and a little more power being that it’s so heavy. I guess my biggest issue right now is I’m fighting not getting more boost out of it. Is there a stock turbo other than what I have that I can bolt on and get a little more? For a good deal? Or am I “pissing in the wind”.
What is vco or sac? Also I am only running smarty jr no wire tap or anything. What I was saying about timing is the internals on the pump being older maybe it isn’t changing and that’s my problem? How can I tell?
I would like to clean it up a bit and stop the hazing if I can and possibly get a bit more out of it. What injectors are better than what I have but not gonna break the bank? I have been told a higher pop pressure will clear it up to is that true? I need more power off the line more than anything. I have a built trans so I am not concerned about popping it but getting this tank rolling is difficult. Highway speeds and even passing power are fine.
Ok so is there a tuner that is better than what I have? I’m not set on this one it’s just what came with the truck. It’s a smarty s-03 not a jr sorry.
I know this truck has more to give. I have had half a dozen of them over the years and this one is not at full power. It’s not throwing codes either. So idk what’s going on. Sure the numbers sound right but seat of the pants this thing is in need of help.
Ok I’m looking into it. Thank you.
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