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La. roll call

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Who is coming Saturday night ? It will be a blast to meet everyone. I know that I am excited. :beer
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lord willing and the creek dont rise, i'll be there.

Saturday? Crap im already there!:lol3: j/k... its about time we got something of the sort together... i will set up a poll after the meet and try to see where the next one will be so we can get something set up!
Just hope my stickers get here in time!!!!!!!!!
ill be leaving for disney saturday morning so no can do this gonna try to make the next one
Where and when in the meet? gonna try to make the next one
Me too......
Where and when in the meet?
May 17th.... this weekend.... Lowes off of I-49 north of I-10 in lafayette
Is this open to all ? and time
5 p.m..... and YES BRING YER:butt: out there!... please?:rof:rof:beer
well i am off... might have to make a trip to laff. .... if i aint workin on my other truck, should know by tomorrow... how many going so far?
I would love to make it, but Ive already askd for next friday and saturday off.... March 23,24, and 25 off. So I cant get anymore off for a lil while. If the next is in LC or Shreveport, Ill make it....
Should be a good bit going... at lest im hoping.... im trying to get some guys together around here.... seems like ill have about 5-6 other diesels with me...
theres an i hope and chilis in the same lot... prolly grab a bite... then i htink there are some jet drags that night also...
Eatin' at Chilli's sounds like a great idea !! I'm there !!
Yeah Im there, btw what all will we be doing, bench racing? goin to the track? mud riding?......I don't know about yall but I got a case of BL waitin to be iced down if I don't get to it tonight.:w:
There are 2 tracks we can head to if we get bored! Well see... defiantely wont get boring though...
Damn yal are makin me jealous.....Im bout to drag up over here and drive back home so I can
Anyone need feel free to hollar at me.... 337-277-6486... theres also a car show from 12-5... tommy and i will prolly hit that up for a while...
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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