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KORE Suspension-Leveling kit

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Im looking at a KORE leveling kit for my truck and wonder if anyone has had a kit of theirs on there ride. They claim better than factory ride and the best leveling kit out for the price it looks tempting for $340 just not a spacer. So any info on KORE would be greatly appreciated.
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If you're going that direction, you should really think about doing the HP setup which will give you mini packs and Bilstiens in the back as well for about $600 I think.

I like my KORE system, granted it's not the same one, but in general, I think it's fair to say that KORE's systems are more precise feeling, eliminate body roll, etc. Some think the ride is too stiff, but it's still a light year improvement over the factory setup. Let's face it, $600 for a four corner system and bilsteins is pretty darn good.
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