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Keyless entry door pad?

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Hey guys, Ive got an 04 that I want to add a keyless entry pad on the drivers door like the fords have. I am looking for an aftermarket kit that I could add without doing alot of modifying.
I saw a kit one time that had a wireless pad that attached to the door with 3m tape and then a module that wired in under the dash, this is exactly what I'm lookin for. Does anyone know where to find one??
I know bulldog used to make one but im not sure about how the quality would be, there are some negative reviews about it on amazon and it seems to be a discontinued product from bulldog.
Heres a link. Bulldog TP-100 Touch Pad Keyless Entry System: Automotive

I also found this kit, it looks really good but it has to drill through the door panel. The wiring harness also has to pass through the door jamb, I think it would eventually end up causing problems there, with pinched wires ect.
Keypad Keyless Entry: A1 Electric Online Store
Automotive keypad keyless entry system

Has anyone else installed something like this, or know of any other manufactures that make something like this??
Thanks Alot.
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as for wire through the door jamb, thats how speaker wires and electric window controlls get their power and such route it the same way and they wont pinch
you obviously havn't driven many miles, I had to redo the wire harness on both of my rear doors because they wouldnt lock/ work the windows.

Also, you can pass wires around the plugs in the boots, did it on a buddys pickup for the lights we put in his mirrors.
well till they figure out how to pass concitrated electrons thru thin air, i dont know how else they are gonna do it.:lol4:
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