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Keyless entry door pad?

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Hey guys, Ive got an 04 that I want to add a keyless entry pad on the drivers door like the fords have. I am looking for an aftermarket kit that I could add without doing alot of modifying.
I saw a kit one time that had a wireless pad that attached to the door with 3m tape and then a module that wired in under the dash, this is exactly what I'm lookin for. Does anyone know where to find one??
I know bulldog used to make one but im not sure about how the quality would be, there are some negative reviews about it on amazon and it seems to be a discontinued product from bulldog.
Heres a link. Bulldog TP-100 Touch Pad Keyless Entry System: Automotive

I also found this kit, it looks really good but it has to drill through the door panel. The wiring harness also has to pass through the door jamb, I think it would eventually end up causing problems there, with pinched wires ect.
Keypad Keyless Entry: A1 Electric Online Store
Automotive keypad keyless entry system

Has anyone else installed something like this, or know of any other manufactures that make something like this??
Thanks Alot.
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Had this on my 89' and loved it, never get locked out again.

Axess Keyless Entry System
This kit looks great! was the one you had wired or wireless?? I see they offer both. The keypad styling isnt that attractive, but im mostly going for function anyway.
Mine was wired, i eventually upgraded to this after i had it repainted, all my friends could never figure out how i did it, ive really been thinkin bout getting on of these for my 08' so i can lock yhe doors and keep it running. Id put it behind my mirror, that'd be slick.

Ultra Touch - Ultra Touch Invisible Switch
Yeah iam thinking behind the mirror would work great, or on the windshield in the lower left corner, only problem is i can barley reach my windshield. Witj my lift i can walk under my tow mirrors and not touch them with my head. Yes i am short, laugh it up.
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