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Hi all, new to the forum. Sorry for the novel you’re about to read, but here’s my question.

As of right now, I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Sport crew cab with the 6’4 bed on 33’s with 20x10 Fuel Maverick wheels on a 2” level. In terms of mileage, I see about 18mpg on the highway, and in the city I get 11.5ish. Pretty poor if you ask me.

Now, I live in southern Canada, specifically Manitoba. Soon I’ll be moving outside the city, into a small town. My commute will be about 40 or so minutes into the city.
I have heard these diesels get awesome mileage, especially on the highway.
I really want to go the Cummins route on my next truck, and the plan is to delete the emissions crap, and do a 5” Flopro turbo back exhaust and tune it (just run a Tow/Haul tune, not after the coal-rolling AT ALL). I’ve looked into getting the full job done at some local shops and I’ve been quoted in the $2-3k area. I’m ready to do all the fluid and filter changes myself.

Here’s the kicker: in about 2 years when I get my full certification in my trade, I’ll be getting a $500 a month credit from my work for using my truck to pick up pipe, fittings, etc and a gas card to use during the work week (I’m a commercial plumber).

Having said all this and giving you some background info, my question is this:

Once I make the move out of town, is it worth trading in/selling the half-ton and switching to the diesel?

I have been wanting one for years, and it seems like it could do me well once the move happens and especially once I receive the added benefits from work. I don’t tow anything as of right now

Sorry for the novel guys lol. Please let me know your thoughts!

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With starting a new job. I wouldn't do any vehicle replacement till you hit full cert. Save the money and run the gasser into the ground.
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