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Katzkin Leather Seats

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Does anyone here have any pictures of Katzkin leather seats installed in their truck? If so could you please post some pics. And how well do they hold up? Thanks in advance..
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My buddy has them in his mega ill try to get some pics!They look pretty good thought about doin it to my truck!
I checked out having my 07 fitted with katzkin, looked over the material and everything. They have tons of colors, and the price the dealer quoted me to cover them was okay...He said about $900. I dont know what the going rate is...does anyone else know?
I work for a customs shop and i install these kits everyday. and they can be a huge PITA. plus they tend to rip around the seams alot(especially the head rests). and as far as a price the kits run about 400-500$. if you plan on doin it your self, buy alot of razor blades, silicone spray and a good pair of hog ring pliers
I have plain leather in stock color. Seem good to me. $1200 total installed with some other work and the gov'ners share...

No pics yet.
I do not have pics to post, however I do have a set of leather and suede covers in my 03. that were made by roadwire . They have just as many colors as Katskin but their quality was much better . The fit is awesome and they were a bit less than Katskin.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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