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K&N air filter anyone using this one

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Anyone using the big drop in cone shape filter by K&N, part # E-0776
any feedback on this?
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I just put one in my 04.5 - Generally speaking, a K&N drop in is the first thing I do when I pick up any vehicle - depending on the application, I've seen anywhere from .5 to 2 mpg increase with just a drop in. Additionally, K&N claims an 8 hp gain using that part number over the stock filter. For the record, I've not yet driven a full tank of fuel through my truck yet, and didn't have any numbers on the stock filter, but my confidence in the product is such that I feel I can live with whatever the results are.
I'd stick with your nano drop in. Steer clear of the oiled filters!
plenty of other good ones out there besides k&n (which is a good filter btw )
I love my K&N some people dont like oil fitler but I havnt had any downside to one. Just improvements in mpg and performance. Not to mention much less maint.
I'd stick with your nano drop in. Steer clear of the oiled filters!
Thats what I thought but the darn thing stops up at 2500 miles and I'm all highway, and it impossible to clean. I called the guy I bought it from and he said that he isn't selling them or any nano filters do to this...his words not mine and he is a forum member and Amsoil dealer.

I will try this K&N out, and check the intake tube for dirt or oil in a few weeks, if it shows anything but steller results I will take it back to Autozone for a refund.

I can hear the turbo a little better, guess that will help with mileage, it's getting a lot more air, just hope a lot of dirt is getting in there.
I used the K&N for about 3 oil changes, liked the mpg's and did not have any issues with clogging up early but did find out that my silicon levels increased on UOA....I went back to stock filter and got much better silicon readings (same oil and driving mode) and did notice a drop in mpg's...went to the Amsoil drop in and am looking forward to results this test, so far I have similar results as K&N and it is not oiled.

I always made it my first purchase on the way home from buying a vehicle until now.
K&N SUCKS. my 2 cents. Ive seen what it does to mustangs.

OIL filters dont suck, people dont know what they are talking about.

I have 100k miles on my Pro guard 7 OIL FILTER and my silicon reading is at 6. Im waiting for another analisis to be complete in a few more days. i clean my filter every 25k miles.
I would stay away from k&n not all oil filters but k&n specifically. I race dirt modifieds and some racers choose to use the k&n but thats mainly because they have never built an engine or pulled one apart after running a k&n they don't filter anything but large rocks. Also have a buddie that has looked at one of them under a microscope from the inside after running one on a quad and said that it was the worst out of all the other products out there. I'm just saying anything but K&n.
I wouldn't run an oiled filter. I am not sure what you heard about the Nano's, but I have had a lot of success with the Amsoil Nano Filters. Good luck with your truck.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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