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Just sharing my brake(s) story

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Hey guys! New member here..

New to me is a ‘01 24v Auto with 80k miles. Seemed to be in awesome shape especially for its age.

Anyways - I figured to share my brake story and wondered if anyone else has experienced such issue.

I don’t know how well the truck was maintained before me so I know a lot of this may have to do with it, BUT - -

After driving the truck for just a few days I’ve noticed a brake rubbing smell- so I went ahead and tackled this problem but putting on new rotors, calipers and pads. A few weeks later after driving only 20 miles I noticed again, the smell was back!

So after checking it out we did a pressure test on the brake lines and everything seemed to be working fine. So put everything back together and sent it. Almost immediately in less than five miles front brakes were locking up. So , okay we figured since my abs / brake lights were on maybe something was up with the abs pump. Come to find it the abs pump was shot and also the abs unit wasn’t able to read anything so we also replaced this.

So for maybe two weeks everything was good but of course I’ve been paranoid about that smell so of course after one random drive I noticed it, again. This time, it was worse and it smelled like a bad bad campfire with smoke coming out of the brakes (by the way not once has my calipers turned blue). So took everything apart and realized it was the parking brake assembly was shot and literally fell apart not to mention my abs and brake light came back on. So we checked the codes yet again and realized that my abs pump has gone bad once again. Thank god that this is under warranty from my friend. He’s getting me a rebuilt one at no cost.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this or has any inputs of if I’ve missed anything?
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I once had a new caliper that would not back of when applied with new pads. Broke in in a few miles and quite getting hot.
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