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just order a magnaflow 5 inch turbo

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just order a magnaflow 5 inch turbo back

has anyone had any experience with these?

see sig for info

i work for a truck/tire shop and my distributors have put the magnaflow on a pedistol.....any input will be apreciated
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I would go MBRP or FBD if it were my money....
my distributor sells mbrp as well
I had a 4" Mangaflow system on my PSD. It had a good tone, and no drone at hwy speeds. I think I'm gonna go with 5" Silverline T-304 for the CTD though. :thumbsup
I keep hearing good things about the Hushpower.
I run Magnaflow 5" ss tb, I love this kit, great sound, no drone, looks sweet and a lifetime warranty.
I've installed a couple magnaflow kits and they are extremely nice. Great fit and finish and good tone. You will like it.
Great fit and sound. Not sure if they salt the roads in Reno like they do in Utah, but the high dollar stainless steel sure isn't holding up to well on my exhaust. Save some $$$ go with the FBD aluminized setup. I've had a few aluminized kits and no rust on any of them. The FBD kit dose use those hard to remove clamps though.
I love my Magna Flow 5" T.B ss, Very, Very ,Very little drone noticible at 85-90 mph only. Use the muffler. Has little to no restriction. Very incognito until you give it the fuel and sound comes alive.
yes they do salt the roads here

thank you everyone for the input it is much apreciated
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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