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Well i have had three 3/4 4x4 cummins diesels now, my first was 1993. I would have to say this was the most relible out of any of them, 300,000 on it between me and my dad and the only problems we ever had were either the batteries or the starter. And this truck was abused badly as a farm truck. never did anything performance wise.
my second was a 1996, had alot of issues with cold starting. But other than that it had no problems. the second gens are supposedly alot cheaper if you want power, but everything is mechanical and has little adjust ability that i know of. The p-pump is also very cheap to tweak from what i hear i left this truck stock also. The pump will also give you all the fuel you need and is as reliable as it gets.

My truck now is a 1998 24 vavle. The power is adjustable with programmers is the biggest pro. These make a huge difference. when my dad bought the 1993 he test drove one with a tweaked pump, so he though he knew what a diesel with a programmer would drive like, and but when he took mine for a drive, it scared the hell out of him. The programmers add quite a bit of power but are only there when you want it. The biggest downfall of this truck is the fuel pump and lift pump. If you get one the first thing you should do is add a fuel pressure gauge. I was lucky, when i got mine it had one, a week later the lift pump was dead. Had i not noticed it as soon as i hadi would also had to replace an $1100 injector pump. But this truck has always started good for me, and most of the problems i had with it have been just bad mechanics that worked on it before me(just replaced a starter with only on bolt tightened). also i can say my mileage with this truck has been pretty good with the edge comp on 3x3 and having a lead foot i get about 15-17 with 35's. the other 2 i got 20 but they were bone stock. Have to say this has been the most fun to drive out of the most.

wow thanks for taking the time to help me out. Do you find that your 24 valve has less power then your older P-Pump 12 valve ?
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