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Just installed gauges, have some questions

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So i finally completed my gauge install and wanted to see if these numbers are normal.
at idle FP is 11psi.
30mph FP is 10psi, EGT 400
"WOT" FP goes down to 5psi and holds there, EGT 800, boost 21-22psi.

I'm thinking FP is too low, i believe it should hold at 10-15psi regardless of driving condition correct?
also for the boost, I'm not sure if its correct, i remember reading that it should be 30-35psi stock but reading the manual it says that boost during testing should be about 18 give or take 1.5 and WG opens at 19.
my boost reference is coming from the 3/4" port just before the MAP sensor.
i should also mention that i have an Edge tuner going in but not installed yet HOWEVER i did install the boost elbow on the compressor housing. not sure if that would affect any of these numbers.

thank you
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all looks good, except FP
A good pump should hold 10 lbs EZ enough
when in doubt change the fuel filter first.
I have no faith in BIG expensive electric pumps.
They all fail.
The little one on the side engine is dirt cheap compared, and they last about 90K miles -
I know cause I have had this =truck 18 years, and have gone through 3 !
so, that 300 bucks compared to the 600 to 1000 dollars and they as said , fail too.
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