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Just,how tough are these things?

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Hello,I have a 2006 Cummins 5.9. It’s stock besides a lift kit and I needed injectors at 104K. Currently at 133K. My question is,how can kids put tuners on these things and beat the crap out of them and nothing happen,I religiously maintain mine and don’t drive it hard at all. (I get it up to temp). At my work place there’s lots of diesels started cold and ran hard. Why is mine,if I hit a quarter in the road somethings wrong yet everyone else has no problems?
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Generally, it seems that people who work their trucks on a regular basis get better life out of the engine. The injectors do better when they have a load behind them from time to time and can get the temps up enough to burn off the carbon buildup. The u-joints, driveshafts, steering components, suspension components, etc. are really just wear items that will need regular maintenance/replacement. There are upgrades available that can help out a lot but if you keep your truck running then they will need attention. Injectors are also a wear item that usually don’t last more than 150k miles. Some have gotten more and some less. You can look into running ATF and 2-stroke oil in the fuel. Some have had good results and others swear it’s terrible. You can check into it and decide for yourself.
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