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I got my Raptor 150 Universal (im a Repower) from Glacier, the guy up there is extremely helpful. mine has been running for a year now. You will have to monkey with the pressure screw when you get it installed, as mine wasnt puttin out much over the stock LP when I installed it, but now Idle is 24psi and WOT is around 15-17psi. mine is located in the rear next to my dual tank crossover valve, it is easier for a pump to push than pull. You will also need to get new line from the raptor up to the fuel filter housing on the intake,,,, I ordered -6AN from Summit ($55.00) and some fittings, (Glacier can line you out on what fittings you need) next take the banjo fitting from the stock lift pump and put it up on the schrader valve on the filter can and keep the schrader valve, (makes it easier to bleed the air from the system here(highest point). you will need a quick disconnect fitting here, (look in Jegs or Summit) AN fittings are easy to make/ install you dont need the special tools sold for the job (that is if you have half a brain to know when to stop before stripping or breaking something) I installed a Fleetguard 1212 fuel filter water seperator back near my Raptor to take care of the filtering. the base is $35.00 from Cummins, and I have completely gutted the stock filter housing, and use it only for a fuel heater.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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