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Just got the fuel psi gauge intalled, few questions

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Just got it all working and its reading 13psi at idle and under a load it gets down to 7psi. I dont run my trucks wide open, so idk what it is a full throttle... I called Genos to get price a new lift pump and the fella there said that there was no need for a new pump. He said as long as it doesnt get below 5 psi im golden, But on here everyone is saying 10-20. My truck is completely stock so will these current pressures work? I dont want to burn the VP up soo i want to make sure before i drive it too much.
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I am not a VP44ologist.. But I too thought you wanted to stay above 10 for interal lube of the VP.
thats what im guessing...looks like its time to get a new LP!
I was told by almost everyperformance shop i called to stay above 10psi.

The two diesel shops in my immediate area, and both Cummins NW shops i called said to they would put on a fuel light, because anything above 6 psi and your fine.

The manual for my dodge says to stay above 10.

I am going with a new fuel pump to keep it above 10
any pump recomendations? Frame mounted or block mounted?
If/when my LP dumps I will probably replace it with a Raptor from AD.
I think im going with the raptor, but naturally i have a few questions. I have an 01 with the block mounted LP. When i buy the raptor, will i need to run a new line from the tank to the raptor, then from the raptor to the stock LP filter then to the VP44? Or can i just mount the raptor on the frame and use the old hard lines to tie into the raptor, then from the outlet of the raptor run 1/2 to the stock LP then Vp44? And do i need a drawstraw? I really dont want to have to pull the bed off and mess with the tank if i dont have too....
I know more about 3rd gens... But you should be able to mount it on the frame and use compression fittings to splice the pump in. 3/8" should be plenty. You should be able to put some hi-flow fittings for the 3/8" hose on the inlet for the pump, and something like the GDP big-line kit for the canister to CP3.

Glacier Diesel Power - Product Detail

Give richard at GDP a call, he can hook you up with everything you need.
I got my Raptor 150 Universal (im a Repower) from Glacier, the guy up there is extremely helpful. mine has been running for a year now. You will have to monkey with the pressure screw when you get it installed, as mine wasnt puttin out much over the stock LP when I installed it, but now Idle is 24psi and WOT is around 15-17psi. mine is located in the rear next to my dual tank crossover valve, it is easier for a pump to push than pull. You will also need to get new line from the raptor up to the fuel filter housing on the intake,,,, I ordered -6AN from Summit ($55.00) and some fittings, (Glacier can line you out on what fittings you need) next take the banjo fitting from the stock lift pump and put it up on the schrader valve on the filter can and keep the schrader valve, (makes it easier to bleed the air from the system here(highest point). you will need a quick disconnect fitting here, (look in Jegs or Summit) AN fittings are easy to make/ install you dont need the special tools sold for the job (that is if you have half a brain to know when to stop before stripping or breaking something) I installed a Fleetguard 1212 fuel filter water seperator back near my Raptor to take care of the filtering. the base is $35.00 from Cummins, and I have completely gutted the stock filter housing, and use it only for a fuel heater.
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i got the whole raptor 150 kit. Very nice setup, easy to install and works like a champ soo far. Little trouble getting the psi right, but its ideling 19ish now, so its good enough for me.
Get the Raptor 150 kit from glacier diesel. Just did mine, pretty easy install. Hardest part was connecting it to the tank. Pump is adjustable for pressure, so you can set it up the way you want. Another plus is no return line required.
Great kit, comes with all the parts you need.

Good luck!
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