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just getting started

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hey guys i hav some big plans for this truck but im new to this ive been reading alot of the forums on here and although helpful i think i might of overloaded on the info so i guess i'll tell you what i want to do i/c meth some sort of tranny 65mph is killing me its not daily driven so i can take chances i deff want bigger turbo but i don't want to buy one to just out grow it in a month id like a turbo that can grow with me or maybe become part of a twin setup i build some pretty sick offroad stuff i'm a good fabricator i paid 500 for the truck it has 145k shes still a pup i really want to shoot for high numbers only drag no pulls so any info guys that will help is appreciated like from phil heard his name in here a time or two:confused013:
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well nelson they put a man on the moon and i have faith in ya whats the 366 spring i think it is
The 366 spring allows the pump to fuel all the way to 3200 RPM. Stock starts defueling at around 26-2800 RPM, so it's a big improvment. It also makes the throttle a lot touchier. Very good upgrade, and it oly costs about $18.

A good towing set up, that will be around 350rwhp would be...

Super HX40
Piston Lift Pump
Good Converter or Clutch
4" Exhaust
Mild Pump Tweaks
366 Spring
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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