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just getting started

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hey guys i hav some big plans for this truck but im new to this ive been reading alot of the forums on here and although helpful i think i might of overloaded on the info so i guess i'll tell you what i want to do i/c meth some sort of tranny 65mph is killing me its not daily driven so i can take chances i deff want bigger turbo but i don't want to buy one to just out grow it in a month id like a turbo that can grow with me or maybe become part of a twin setup i build some pretty sick offroad stuff i'm a good fabricator i paid 500 for the truck it has 145k shes still a pup i really want to shoot for high numbers only drag no pulls so any info guys that will help is appreciated like from phil heard his name in here a time or two:confused013:
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Welcome to the forums. :)

Fill out your Sig with info about your truck so those inclined to help will know what they're working with. ;)

To start with, get some basic gauges so as to know what's going on with the engine. Start with an Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge so you can keep up with whether the mess is about to melt down. Most install the temperature sensor in the exhaust manifold, just before the turbo. 1250*F is the max stock EGT.

Get a 3200 governor spring for the injection pump. In its stock form the injection pump is set up to start defueling at about 2800rpm. The 3200rpm spring'll let the injection pump (IP) fuel to just that, 3200 rpm before defueling. Performance wise, you'll definitely notice an improvement at higher engine rpms, but most of all, it greatly improves the truck's drivability.

What kind of transmission do you currently run? If it's an automatic, the stock/OEM non lock-up torque converter leaves much to be desired. In a nutshell, going to an after-market "tighter" unit results in more power delivered to the ground and better mpg's to boot.
If it's a manual, well, I don't know as my mess is an auto.

If it's a 4x4, you can pretty-much launch as hard as you like, 2wd, not so much. Slicks may be in order. If you've deep pockets, slicks on the 4x4 will be in order.

How fast do you want to go? :D
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