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Juice w/ Att. settings for MPG's

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What settings is everyone running or changed to get the most mpg's ?
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level three is about the best one that i see.
agreed....i also feel that level 3 is the best for mpg's. but then again we have an 06.

might be different..........:thumbsup:hyper::beer:peelout
Sorry I didn't see this was in the 2nd gen forum, but anyways I run level 3 with bow boost fueling on level 3 also. It still smokes when I flog it, and seems to be about the best MPG also. Towing my trailer, I run level 2 with low boost fueling on level 1. No smoke at all.

I'd run higher levels, but I have a stock clutch!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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