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It has been a year.

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Thank you for all of your feedback and patronage! The majority of you I tagged on facebook, however I know some of you came from this forum and would like to get a status update from those of you! Some of you are due for a service or close to it. Get in touch with me on here, on facebook or call me! Thanks again guys, Paul.
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Wheres your shop? Just curious. I have an excellent trans guy up here in Morris County but I have no problem recommending someone in another area, or networking with a fellow wrench. Transmissions are the one art ive never really dove into aside from old school chevy stuff and class 8 stuff.
I am in Pemberton NJ just off 206 and 38. I've only had a few people contact me through here but quite a few of my NNJ and CNJ customers are on this forum.
I'm about due for a trans fluid change. Well not due but you understand
Most of them got in touch with me in some form or another. Shop has been so busy lately I haven't gotten much of a chance to get on here.
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