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Issues with the Edge

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All of these mileage figures are hand calculated enless stated.
I'm giving a lot of useless info here, but what the hell I can't sleep.

I purchased this truck in August of 2008 when the price of diesel had spiked and I was lucky to pick it up for $17,500, a real steal. On the way home I recorded 19.5 MPG @ a steady 65 MPH. I had wanted a dieself for along time but refused to pay the high price, so as soon as I got home I purchased an afe stage 2 and Silverline 5" turbo back exhaust. The day after I installed them we excuated for a hurricane and I got 22.3 MPG @ a steady 65 on the trip. I was impressed and had plans to purchase a high end $1000 tuner a couple months later, but then the oil moratorium hit and my income went from $1100 a week to $300 so I never got that tuner (as well as losing a lot of things I was used to like deer hunting and fishing every weekend).

During the next couple years I started to notice the seats in this truck are horrible, I think the engineers who put this in a high dollar truck should be pistol whipped. Then my AC stopped working when I'd come to a stop, I checked the freon and it was fine, the compressor was turning so I was baffled. I brought it to a mechanic, he said since it was this model Dodge Cummisn he was sure it was the fan clutch wire being ripped out. He slid under the truck and sure enought came up with a lose wire. Cost about $600 to fix he said because you couldn't rewire it it had to be replaced.

Because I couldn't afford it at this time I rode around with it like this for a year, turning my AC off at every red light and sweating my azz off in the humid summers we have here. The good thing about a broken fan clutch is my fuel mileage went up to 25.0 MPG @ a steady 65. I decided to sell it and go back to gas. I had it fixed and procrastinated on selling it and the fan clutch broke again. This is about the time I got a new job; with the deep water oil drilling coming back online I was able to change jobs to a 7&7 job (I work 7 days then get 7 days off) The bad thing is it's 120 miles round trip away, at first I slept down there but that proved to suck, so I decided to drive back and forth. Figuring I'd never get a gas 1/2 ton to get 25 MPG I decided to keep the Cummins, fix the fan clutch and get another seat.

To keep my mileage gains I ordered a Flex-O-Lite electric fan set up and an Edge Tuner ($300 range) from one of the dealers on here. I installed then both at the same time. I was thrilled by the extra power, but I was even more thrilled to see my computer mileage go from 24 MPG (actually 22.3 measured by hand) to 28.5 on my commute (nearly all highway miles, only 2 red lights and on point slowing down to turn).

However, when I had to fill up something was fishy, my miles on a tank had gone down. So the next tank I kept track of, the read out went up (28.4) but figured out I was making 20.1 MPG. So I'm not happy anymore, but to make sure I tested it for a trip I had planned the next month just to make sure it wasn't me using that extra power. Driving to Disney World and back (750 miles each way) I averaged 20.9 MPG @ a steady 65 (my computer read out was 29 MPG), less than what I had before the tuner and Flex-O-Lite.

The biggest slap in the face is my computer mileage going up, WTF? I understand the Flex-O-Lite might be responsible for some of this loss because of the extra alternator use, but the computer mileage going up can only be the Edge tuner. I was getting 25 MPG without a fan clutch, with Edge's promise of added MPG I was expecting better than 25 MPG and I'm not getting 21.

Am I being cynical here? Is it out of the realm of possibility that Edge pumps up the computer read out to make peolple happy all the while they're losing actualy MPG?

Simply put
19.5 MPG @ 65 stock (75,000 miles)
22.3 MPG @ 65 w/Afe Stage 2 and 5" turbo back Silverline Exhaust
25.0 MPG @ 65 w/Afe Stage 2, 5" turbo back Silverline and broken fan clutch
22.2 MPG @ 65 w/Afe Stage 2, 5" turbo back Silverline Exhaust and fan clutch fixed.
22.8 MPG (commute almost all constand 58 or 65 MPH 3 stops or slow downs) w/Afe Stage 2, 5" turbo back Silverline, and fan clutch fixed
20.1 MPG (commute almost all constand 58 or 65 MPH 3 stops or slow downs) w/Afe Stage 2, 5" turbo back Silverline, Edge Tuner and Flex-O-Lite electric fan.
20.9 MPG @ 65 w/Afe Stage 2, 5" turbo back Silverline, Edge Tuner and Flex-O-Lite electric fan.
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if your getting 20 mpg all day long your doing great
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