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Is This Oil Fine?

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- ROTELLA Products

Is this oil fine for the 6.7? I can get it at NAPA for a good price. I can also get the oil filter at NAPA, but do you guys recommend NAPA filters? Thanks
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i use rotella religiously. I used to do work out at shell research. they test the oils in dyno rooms( a whole lot of them) and in computer monitored company cars. They put alot into it. i ran rotella in all my kubota gen. sets and in all of the series 60 detroits and n-14 cummins that I ran over the road. Never any issues.
yes you can change it yourself. I would just start a folder. anything you do to the truck just put the receipts in it. That will help when you go to sell it and you can prove any and all maint. that was done on the vehicle.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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