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is it worth it?

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Hey guy I have a non ic first gen. and I have found a deal on a factory first gen intercooler and its piping off a 93. I was curious as to if it was worth swapping. Is it worth the time and cutting? Will it make a noticeable difference in performance? Or should I just stick with the non ic? My truck is pretty much stock and is daily driven rarely towing anything.
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I was wanting to run maybe an hx40 or a small HP set of twins. Nothing crazy. And the guy is asking $100 for piping and cooler? I'm not even sure how good of a deal that is
My plan was to put a second gen intercooler in but once I got it and tried fitting it up it was way to thick. And I really didn't want to cut into my grill. And since my truck still has ac I don't wanna loose that either. So with all that being said. Will a power stroke intercooler work without having to cut the grill or lose my ac? Also what year stroker cooler are most ofyou guys running?
Well I purchased the first gen intercooler and now I have another question. Has anyone used the non intercooled core support and used the 1st gen intercooler? will the 1st gen intercooler fit around the non intercooled radiator and fan shroud?
well at the moment my plan is to just buy the radiator and core support off the guy and swap it. that way there is no cutting or moving the radiator. itll be like it came intercooled from the factory
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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