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Is H&S mini maxx's on back order?

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hey guys! i was just wondering if anyone knew of a place where to find the mini maxx tuners for a 2012? i talked to extreme diesel and they said its on national back order and will be a while before the get any in! so i was just wondering where i could find one at or who has the best prices on em? thanks
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There are a number of websites saying they're on back order but there's tons of suppliers who do have them still. If you want to get the most out of a MiniMaxx and get the best deal on a setup contact Dave Matthews at Draconian Diesel. His setup with a MiniMaxx and custom MCC tunes is by far the best set up you can get IMO. Draconian has a section on this forum if you want to read up on them a bit to find out how their stuff works. Otherwise contact Dave at [email protected]. He'll help you out with everything you need to know.
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