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Is custom tuning needed???

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So I was looking into the ATS Aurora Plus Add-A-Turbo kit for my '12. I really like the kit but after doing some more research I really like the Industrial Injection set up as well. I was talking to some of the tech's at Industrial to find more info on there kit. I told him I wanted to hit 650 rwhp with this kit and if it could do it? I said I planned a FASS fuel system, 85% CP3 and 100hp sticks and I was told that would get me real close but to be sure he would got with some 125hp sticks and I would need custom tuning. The problem with that is I havean XRT Pro and when I asked him if I could run my XRT on the Hot setting he said he doesnt know if thst would get me to the 650rwhp.

Any body know if I could get there just on a Hot tune or if I went with even more fueling upgrades such as larger than 125hp injectors if I could hit my mark? basically I dont want to get rid of my XRT right now and I feel soon it will be impossible to find a Mini Max race tuner!
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I had an 06 with twins,port/polish,90h.p. nozzles,fire ringed,arp,cam,stiffer valve springs,fluidamper, and all the other good crap, but my suggestion to you is before you look to hit that h.p. you should get water meth to control your exhaust temps and perhaps a aftermarket injection pump or twin cp3's. I had an edge with attitude that was supposedly 160h.p. stacked with a smarty with the tnt-r software that was supposedly 230h.p, but my main issue was fuel pressure. Everytime I tried to turn my chips up I would loose fuel pressure on the rail. I had the dual fuel line from the injection pump as well. Theres my 2 cents worth.
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