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Is custom tuning needed???

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So I was looking into the ATS Aurora Plus Add-A-Turbo kit for my '12. I really like the kit but after doing some more research I really like the Industrial Injection set up as well. I was talking to some of the tech's at Industrial to find more info on there kit. I told him I wanted to hit 650 rwhp with this kit and if it could do it? I said I planned a FASS fuel system, 85% CP3 and 100hp sticks and I was told that would get me real close but to be sure he would got with some 125hp sticks and I would need custom tuning. The problem with that is I havean XRT Pro and when I asked him if I could run my XRT on the Hot setting he said he doesnt know if thst would get me to the 650rwhp.

Any body know if I could get there just on a Hot tune or if I went with even more fueling upgrades such as larger than 125hp injectors if I could hit my mark? basically I dont want to get rid of my XRT right now and I feel soon it will be impossible to find a Mini Max race tuner!
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Up until EFI and MCC, canned tunes can and did support 1000+ hp. So no, you don't need custom tuning for 650hp. Can custom tuning be beneficial? Yes, in that you can control EGT's, smoke, etc., better with a tune built for your truck.
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