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Is anyone using the Wix deep 49946 air filter?

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How many miles, on average, should I get from the Wix?

I switched to the Wix deep air filter on 10/12/2011. I now have over 34,000 miles on the air filter and the Filter Minder is not showing any signs of restriction. Before changing to the Wix Deep Filter, I was using the Amsoil EaA189 OE filter replacement. I was averaging about 22,000 miles on the Amsoil EaA189 before it showed restriction per Filter Minder.

According to Amsoil, their OE replacement starved the engine of air, hence why they discontinued it. They now recommend the WIX. You can see the difference between the discontinued Amsoil vs the WIX.

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Thats the wix on the left , I stopped useing the amsoil filter a few years ago ,I now use the spectrum from orillys auto , it just fits in the end of the turbo tube & lays on the interfender , clean it ever few months had the same filter for a few years now even on my road trips to Alb two or three times a year ,I make sure it's clean before I go & just check it when I get home :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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