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iron giant is in

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well got the iron giant in and got to test it racing, and smoked a powerjoke then got a racing ticket, :CRY: but I am heading to a pull this friday cant wait to see the true power it has with a bad a clutch
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Those racing tickets suck...:w::CRY:
what was the clutch you smoked man ???
where are you pulling this friday? Congrats on the new clutch!
tooele utah and the clutch I smoked before was a custom made dd cintered iron and brass I will take a pic tomorrow of it its all ready wore all the way down to the metal and comp what gear you pulling in I am going for 4thlow 4th gear this pull
i pull 4th and 4lo too and i have a 3850 SBC 1 feramic and 1 ceramic disk, not that fun in traffic but mine shows very little wear after 5 pulls and 40 lbs of boost before the sled moves ... just wonderin thanks for the info

have you ever tried 5th gear 4lo or 2nd gear 4 hi???
Last time i pulled, first pull was 4th/4Lo, second hook was 5th/4lo. 5th is a little tall. You could go 2nd/4hi to hit in between. I was bouncing off the rev limiter in 4th.
im debating this hard while the new build is happening... thanks for the info man

sorry to kinda jack your thread all up man
im debating this hard while the new build is happening... thanks for the info man

sorry to kinda jack your thread all up man
dont worry I am looking for this info to comp what tire size you running and in the 4th gear pull what rpms you coming off the line in 2500 or ?
I am running stock tires, about 2500 rpms off the line.

YouTube - Chris O RC 7-12-08 2

YouTube - Chris O RC 7-12-08 1

My 2 pulls from the last go. You can tell which run was in 4th.
Run 2 hi 4th low is too slow I used to pull an 06 and 2nd hi was perfect won several pulls
pics of the old clutch 1000 miles 1 hook

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Dang man :peelout
Wow, you are hard on stuff, LOL! Hope the new one works out better for you this weekend. Post up some video after if you can!
In theory you should try 5th gear because it should be straight through you won't be turning counter shaft I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but it should free up just a little power. There is a 528 hemi that pulls here and he has a NP435 and runs 4th gear because it is straight through.
I also found out that with my 80 I was running 15mph at just over 7000rpm the guysthat beat me were running 19 & 20 mph so now I am switching trannys to get more ground speed. Ground speed is the key if you can pull more gear.
You are running 7 thousand rpms? Or did I read that wrong?
Thats on my 1980 powerwagon with a 383
Can you get that clutch rebuilt or is it not worth it
I am going to try 4th low I have 37" tires so I think that will be my gear I am still in battle with the people that built the clutch one guy said yes warerenty another said no so I dont know I am not even going to bother getting it rebuilt, it was a cheap clutch though I could buy three to the one iron giant, I always like taking risks, and I will try to get some video footage tonight
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