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Alright fellas (and ladies!) I'm having a bit of a shift issue that I wanted to diagnose and fix before I sell my truck and I'm sure some of you diesel pros might have a solution! I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, but it's kind of hard to do a thorough search using my iPhone in a desert thousands of miles away!

Here we go!
Every so often when I shift from reverse to drive, my truck refuses to shift out of 1st gear! The gas pedal seems overly "stiff" as well. The funny thing is that when I punch the gas pedal quickly, something seems to pop loose or break away and the truck shifts normally after I do that! Any ideas? Maybe a cable adjustment or something?

I appreciate your help...and wish I had my truck over here (.76 a gallon of gas ain't too shabby) can't wait to drive again!
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