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Truck is a 2016 2500, Lonestar edition with the 8.4 display. I have this intermittent issue with the heated seat control in the touchscreen not operating the seats. As well as the heated steering wheel control doing the same thing.

I start the truck and both the heated seats in the touchscreen and the lights on the manual button turn on. But sometimes, 1 out of every 20 times or so, if I push the touchscreen button it shows it off but yet the manual button says it's still on. The seat itself does stay on as well. So the touchscreen looses interaction with the actual control of the seats.

It's like there's a disconnect between the touchscreen button and the manual button and the seats. If I turn the truck off and turn it back on they work fine. It had been a couple weeks since it did it last but now with it cold here in Wi it did it twice in the same day. By cold I mean it was around 25 in the garage and maybe 15 when I came home from work. Not really that cold.

I found one thread on possibly this website a few months ago but can't track it down again. I remember something about the door locks playing a part in getting them to work properly but I can't get the door locks to do anything.

I can hear the relays open and close when you turn the seats on and off. I dunno (shrug)??? Any thoughts? No warranty on the truck as it's a '16 and from what I can tell everything else in the touchscreen works as it should. Very odd.
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