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When I first heard then noise I thought I had a trailer tire beginning to delaminating... only happens after 50-100m haul and disappears after stopping. Absolutely tied to ground speed (above 40mph) not engine rpm. Issue showed up after an intermitent ABS light that seems to have resolved itself. Have checked for debris flailing around, both drive shaft u joints. If it's a wheel bearing its an atypical noise for it, same for a diff issue. Was within sight of home when it cropped up again braked to exit hwy and it disappeared. Can't replicate it without a long haul, quite perplexed on diagnosing. No vibration, howl, or grinding nothing but a serious sounding hollow flailing noise. 210k on a '08 6.7l 2500HD with a egr delete... other than the crap egr design, cracked turbo oil return tube and the resulting Exxon Valdes like oil leak been a trouble free truck. Only a few days into this issue but it my horse hauler.. any insight is appreciated.
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