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interior trailer lights

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when I hook up to my trailer, all my outside lights work but none of the interior lights work on the trailer, help. can't seem to find a blown fuse. New truck!
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Is it a horse trailer? I am constantly fixing horse/cattle trailers that have all kinds of issues mostly due to improper wiring locations and they end up getting broken or cut or shorted. If the lights worked with the other truck and dont work on the new truck it is possible the trailer plug is wired wrong. Ive seen that before more than once. What kind of trailer is it? What year
truck you using?
What style of trailer light connector do you have? On the 7 pin styles, there is a 12 volt lead for interior lights, charging a battery, or other accessories. That terminal may not be hooked up (or hooked up improperly) on your new truck.

On a 7 pin plug, there should be leads for:

Left turn
Right turn
Tail (running) lights
Trailer brakes
Trailer reverse lights
+12 volt auxiliary
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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