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Got this 99 2500 and I noticed the turbo seals where completely shot and I got a new turbo and it’s a street hx35w and I believe it’s 60mm but even after I put it in my egts are super high way higher than usual it’s sluggish when I go into my 4th overdrive i give a a good bit of throttle and it takes a while to get up to speed and that’s when the egts just start climbing rapidly and it even gets super hot when I’m not in that 4th gear but there’s a few things when it goes up and down whenever I’m in park or nuetral my egts are normal around 250-350 as soon as I put into drive 450-550 or when I get off the freeway I turn my o/d off and it slows me down it goes down to normal but as soon as about getting to a stop it’s just goes back up to 450 or higher I just have no clue what it could be?
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