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intake manifold?

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i just put 370's on my truck with a 67mm turbo and it soots a lot and i have a stock intake manifold. would an aftermarket one help clear it up a little?
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tune the afc, its in the beginners thread
and by intake manifold do you mean air intake(filter to turbo)
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i mean the air horn
Yes you definitely need to adjust the AFC to clear up the smoke. But an intake manifold will help lower EGT's and you can get one very well priced from Pusher Intakes.
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Hey J I dont believe we have met what part of Rhody are you from?
tiverton ri
ah ok nice well. For being a small area Mass/ RI I seem to hang out with at least 3 local forum members a week haha check out the regional new england forum there should be contact info on there. As far as cleaning up your smoke there are a couple things you could try but all in all that is a big turbo and it will take a lot of tuning to make it streetable. I'd try tightening your afc a bit and see if it still moves ok and cuts back on smoke.
if you put in marine injectors, they will be dirtier as they have an incorrect spray angle.

tune tune and tune some more, and when you think your done, tune again
are they new age 370's or old ones. If you dont know thats ok. I believe the only place to get new age ones are from Jkidd at Diesel auto power. If they are the old school ones that is fine it just takes a tad more tuning and you will always have slightly higher egts and more smoke.
Pusher Intakes

I have seen our intakes clean up smoke. They are only $149 and will have many other benifits.
more air usually means less smoke ^^^^
its not my money I honestly would start else where, 12v's are all tuning, and no offense to the intake manifolds but there is no huge set of data or test results showing major gains. Yes there are slight improvements over stock but they dont tune your truck for you :hehe: Im making my own just for looks.
191s, 370s, no timing and a big turbo = lots of smoke tuned or not
oh yeah definitely, thats why Im saying no part especially an intake manifold will be a magical solution
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