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Alright guys I'm having an issue with my 07 5.9. The truck starts and drives fine, the problem is that my instrument cluster will stop working sometimes (all of the gauges are dead) then as time passes they will come back on slowly one by one. Lately the truck has shut off on me out of nowhere. I also had the passenger side battery get really hot on me so I replaced it and didn't have the getting hot problem anymore. I have checked the codes and got a list of about 10 codes!! I am no expert on the electrical side of this but I'm pointing towards the TIPM being faulty. I've read a little bit about the function of it and seems to me like it is the one causing all of this. I would like to know if anyone has had this problem before and what the fix was. I just don't want to dump $800 on a new module and that not be the problem. Have yall tried the Dorman reman TIPM?. Here are the list of codes I pulled

P2269: water in fuel
P2509: ECM/PCM power intermitten
P0462: Fuel Level sensor low Voltage
P0532: A/C pressure sensor low voltage
P0483: Cooling Fan Speed
U0001: Can C Bus
P0234: Turbo Overboost
U1412: VSS Malfunction
U0121: Communication loss Antibrake Module
U0141: Communication Loss FCM

I cleared the codes yesterday. The only ones that came back are:
P2269: water in fuel
U0001: Can C Bus

any help is appreciated. Thanks
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