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Input shaft Questions

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Hey so been doing some thinking, (i know Bad idea) but Could one change the spline count on a G 56 input shaft to get better highway speeds , sort of like changing the gear ratio of the input shaft, anyone shed some light on this for me , or if they already do it, did a search, but come up with nothing of substance !
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Bump to the top , no input at all ?

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Keep thinking!

If you change the spline count, you need a different spline count on the clutch.

I had an employee once who wanted to grind a tooth off of his pinion for more power.
He also removed the check ball in a auto trans rooster comb as a shift improver.

Yes he drives on the same roads as us.!!!!!!
after some thought I figured that, it would be like a rear end, cant just change the pinion gear, have to change it all, and glad to know our roads are safe :)
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keep thinking... LOL

Their is no gear ratio in the input shaft. its 1:1 with the engine regardless of it being a 10 tooth or a 20 tooth spline into the clutch disc, or 1-1/4" or 2" shaft diameter. unless your slipping the clutch, then its less than 1:1 :hehe:

if you really wanted to get crazy, you can get custom gears cut for the trans, or just change the rear end gears
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