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inner fender well trimming tips?

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i just put on my 325/55/22 pirelli scorpion atr w/ 22x11 wheels and im having some rubbing issues when i turn tight. i have a carli leveling kit as well. what do you guys recommend doing to combat this rubbing issue? any tips for trimming the fenderwell area?
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I am also having so rubbing issues on my driver side fender. I just installed a KORE leveling kit and 35x12.5r17 on Mickey Thomson Classic Locks w/ 5" of back spacing. I called KORE and asked if I put a pair of thier control arms on if it would help since it would move the axle 1/2" forward.They said it might not make a difference and they suggested trimming the fender instead, but I a little nervous cutting on a $40,000 truck..........any help with suggestions would be appreciated
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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